Vaccinations A Call To Allow Our Freedom of Choice!

My apologies in advance. I’m not usually this intensely opposed to medical propaganda, directly. I support my clients in making their own choices especially about vaccines for their children. But, this directly affects all our children. And, I can’t allow the tremendous amount of misrepresentation being thrown at us by drug companies who currently own the media and our governmental agencies it seems.

We are currently being onslaught-ed with the push for vaccines yet again trying to take choice and freedom out of the picture. There are fear and shaming tactics being used to force the issue as well as articles with complete misrepresentations trying to state that vaccines are completely safe and the criticisms against them have been entirely debunked. In all common sense how can that even be possible? Safety is actually a statistic which is never 100%, and we have to sign papers giving up our rights to sue if harm comes to our children? Why is it we are not allowed to directly sue the drug companies who make the vaccines? We may only sue the federal government directly if they allow it. No drug company is liable for damages if awarded. Any damages awarded come from the government which is us. Very disconcerting… We can only sue ourselves. Where is accountability? How can I trust this?  How can you?

Merc was just caught trumping those great efficacy findings recently. Do we trust this?

To put complete faith in a class of drugs which are currently an historical fad is the scariest consideration. If we just trust blindly interventions from companies who earn a profit with no accountability we will get what history has already given us. This is just one of many many examples.

How was it HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for women was thought to be beneficial for over 30 years to prevent the very diseases it is now known to cause such as cancer, heart disease, stroke? Wasn’t that the best science at the time? Wasn’t it approved by all governmental agencies with studies to show it? Yes it was successful for hot flushes. No it was not healthy for other conditions except maybe bone density levels on a test. Was that really worth risking the conditions mentioned plus a host of others? Now it is rarely recommended because of the great possibility of harmful effects. No such thing as side-effects that is a sales pitch. There are only effects….

My apologies again… My eldest daughter was severely affected by vaccines when she was young and I’ve seen an entire family devastated by vaccine so called “side-effects” on both their children. Those children have never recovered and neither has the family. I never resort to pushing my beliefs about a choice like this, so I won’t.

But someone has to hold these criminals who are hard lining for mandatory drugs forced on our children starting at birth while shaming people who make a different choice, and completely misrepresenting the facts.

It is not okay….

Even if you believe in vaccines, how can we possibly justify giving another one of our rights away as we just did with knowing whether GMO’s are in our food or not here in California? Isn’t it common sense to have a choice at the very least in regards to our health? Isn’t freedom knowing the facts?  Isn’t freedom having choice? Is our medical science really shown itself to be worthy of our trust to the point of no accountability, and we should no longer have a choice in our child’s health?

Hopefully you will do your own research before making the decision of whether to vaccinate or not.  I don’t ask you to take my word on it, because I’ve already made my decision.  My kids are grown and well with my decision not to vaccinate.  Yes, they made it just fine.  But, I also ask that you don’t blindly trust companies who have absolutely no accountability and nothing to loose ever from making these choices mandatory for you and your children and the future of our societies health.

It is not healthy to give up this freedom, ever.


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Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP

Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy for over 20+ years. Your Partner in natural health. I teach, lecture, and promote natural healing.

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